Thomas/The Lion King Parody - Feauting Murdoch and Mavis is a parody with The Lion King sounds and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends clips.


  • Murdoch as Mufasa
  • Mavis as Sarabi
  • Henry as Young Simba
  • Old Slow Coach as Sarafina
  • Molly as Young Nala
  • Gordon as Adult Simba
  • Daisy as Adult Nala
  • Thomas as Zazu
  • Percy as Timon
  • Peter Sam as Pumbaa
  • James as Rafiki
  • D261 as Scar
  • Splatter/Dodge as Shenzi
  • Diesel as Banzai
  • Spencer as Ed
  • Lady as Young Nala
  • Emily as Adult Kiara
  • Elizabeth as Zira
  • Edward as Kovu
  • Annie/Clarabel as Vitani
  • George as Nuka
  • Rosie as Ma
  • Toby as Uncle Max