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Doctor Zhivago (1965)/The Lion King

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  • Tonya Gromeko as Adult Nala
  • Lara Antipova as Young Nala
  • Pasha Antipov as Young Simba
  • General Yevgraf Zhivago as Pumbaa
  • Anna Gromeko as Sarabi
  • Alexander Maximovich Gromeko as Rafiki
  • Dr. Yuri Zhivago as Adult Simba
  • Victor Komarovsky as Mufasa
  • Tonya Komarova as Young Kiara
  • Amelia as Sarafina
  • Kuril as Timon
  • Prof. Boris Kurt as Uncle Max
  • Kostoyed Amoursky as Quint
  • Sasha as Cheetato
  • Liberius as Zazu

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