Welcome to Admin Tools Wiki,
the wiki that anyone can edit and test the tools at.

Admin Tools Wiki (ATW) is a test wiki that anyone can edit. Users can test the administrator's tools here as well as test their editing. Admin Tools Wiki is an environment where Administrators from other wikis and Wikimedia Foundation wikis can use the admin tools in the ATW test environment without harming the serious wikis, or if users who want to be future admins on other wikis can test the tools beforehand here. It is also an environment for testing editing, content writing, wikimarkup skills, and much more that can be useful when doing so on other wiki sites. Even though Admin Tools Wiki is a test wiki, there are still rules on what to do and what not to do that should be strictly followed by both Administrators and users. More information can be found at our testing policy page. Active since August 2008 (although created in June of that year), we currently have 121 Testing Administrators and 2 Active Bureaucrats.

We're glad to have you here, learning new ideas and testing them here in a safe environment in which you can do almost anything. Don't know what do first? Well, here are some suggestions:

If you want to learn more about editing, see our help pages, especially Help:Editing.

Don't forget to read our testing policy to see what you can and cannot test on.

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