This page lists what should and should not be done as tests. This policy applies to all users at Admin Tools Wiki.

Testing Administrators

Testing Administrators are able to do multiple things with the tools they have. The following is what is allowed to be done:

Page protection

Pages can be protected and unprotected whenever an admin wants in order to test the protection tool. Testing Administrators may protect and unprotect any page they want to test the undeletion tool. Repeated protections and unprotections of pages are not considered wheel wars on this wiki, but may be considered wheel wars on other wikis depending on those wikis’ policies.


  • Any page marked with Category:Pages not to be tested on, must have the page’s protection settings returned to whatever they were prior to your tests.
  • Any page not marked with Category:Pages not to be tested on, does not require you to undo your protection tests.
  • Any pages on which you test cascading protection, must have the cascading protection turned off afterwards.
    • ATW does not use cascading protection as it can have unintended consequences.
    • However, since your home wiki may indeed use cascading protection, you are free to test it at ATW, so long as you return the page’s protection settings to whatever they were prior to your tests.
  • Feel free to test “salting” of page creations.
    • Be sure to un-salt after your tests.


You may feel free to test page deletions on almost any page on the wiki, subject to the following notes.


  1. Never delete the Main Page
  2. Before deleting any page, check the deletion log for that page
    • Has it been previously deleted? When it was restored, were some revisions left unrestored?
    • Any revisions that were left unrestored in previous deletions must not be restored as part of your testing
    • Such revisions must remain deleted. They must remain unrestored.
    • It is not by accident that some revisions were not restored when the page was previously undeleted
  3. Any page with Category:Pages not to be tested on must be undeleted immediately after your deletion tests.
    • Check the log before deletion. Previously unrestored revisions must remain deleted.
  4. Any template that you delete, must be immediately restored after your deletion tests
    • Most templates are in use somewhere on the wiki.
    • Check the log before deletion. Previously unrestored revisions must remain deleted.
  5. Pages in the MediaWiki namespace must never be deleted by Testing Administrators as these critical system pages are continuously in use.


Users can be blocked and unblocked whenever an admin wants to in order to test the block tool. But it is very important that if a user is blocked that you know if it was a test block or a real block. In order to tell them apart, users that have been blocked as tests will be marked as a category, Category:Test blocked users or no category at all. Real blocked users will be marked with the category, Category:Blocked users. The templates for blocks are the following: For tests, add {{Test block}} to users user pages and for real blocks, add {{Real block}} on their user page. When you block a user whether it is for tests or if it was real, please add the appropriate block templates to their user pages. Not adding the correct template or adding the template at all to user pages when issuing real blocks is highly frowned. Another thing that should be avoided is making mass numbers of test blocks. Please do not do this. You may be desysopped if you abuse the sysop powers.


Bureaucrats should not use the tools as tests. Using the bureaucrat tool has to be done in serious purposes, like when promoting a user who has proven they are a trusted editor on an established wiki either by talk page, email, IRC or at Admin Tools Wiki:Requests for rights. Using the bureaucrat tools as tests will also be frowned and will possibly lead to losing the bureaucrat permission depending on the situation.


All users are able to make tests edits around the wiki. Users are allowed to create any page with any title and edit any page unless it has the category, Category:Pages not to be tested on. Any type of editing here can generally be done here at Admin Tools Wiki unless it constitutes vandalism, advertisement, or anything else that harms the wiki. If a page has not been editing for a while, preferably about a week and if the page has very little meaning or text, it may be deleted by any administrator. Pages that are quality pages that have a substantial amount of good content should not be deleted until more time passes.


Pages that have the Category:Pages not to be tested on at the bottom should not be tested on. Abusing this policy may result in you being desysopped and possibly blocked, depending on the situation.

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